Beyond the Cascade
The True Story of the Valerius

About Beyond the Cascade

Beyond the Cascade is an ongoing translation of the definitive work by Professor Jonathan Lemwick of Imperial College East, originally published in 685 (Imperial Standard Date, roughly equivalent to 5350 by the Kentien Calendar). This translation is according to the fourth edition of the official Imperial/English Translation Standards Guide published by the Committee on Anglo-Imperial Relations (CAIR).

This work is provided free-of-charge for your enjoyment. Please feel free to read and discuss as you wish. However, please do not reproduce significant segments of any part of this website without permission from the author. Where you do use content from this site, please clearly and obviously cite and link to this website.

This work is an original, fictional story by Alistair Poole. Any similarities to any organizations, people, or works (real or fictional) is entirely coincidental (except for that paraphrasing of Jane Austen in the History of Rory Jennings chapter). A minimum of 13%, whole-grain, gluten-free, recycled satisfaction guaranteed (while supplies last).

Words and web design by Alistair Poole. Most artwork by Gregory Poole.

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